Battle Dyzx continued…

It’s been almost a year since I officially started the project, although I haven’t been working on it full-time (I had to leave the project in July and only picked it back up this January). I really wanted to keep a full development log, but got carried away developing… and for a significant amount of time I had no connection to the world (wide web), but enough excuses, lets do a quick recap…

My last post was in May. The first change that occurred after I came back to it was to abandon test-driven development, as once again I got convinced that it is a major buzz-kill and not very appropriate when you have to play with the product (it could be just me though). Once unit testing was out of the way things got wild, in a matter of a few hours there were tops chasing each other and clashing in battles, going in and out of the arena. This only proves how powerful evolutionary prototyping is for games. The first milestone was making the dyzx human controlled, but later I added some basic AI that could chase, go random and/or avoid being kicked out.

The arena had a pretty nice evolution. At first it was darkness (just a normal map), the first natural step afterwards was to use that normal map to lit it up, and so there was (directional) light. Eventually I added point lights as well. But more interesting than the visuals were the gameplay aspects of the arena. At first the dyzx (tops) were merely controlled by the normal map, at some point I had to implement the arena-out event (when dyzx leave the stadium they die) and with that came the holes, it was now possible to place holes anywhere on the arena that would kill dyzx that fall into them. At a later stage I made it possible for dyzx to bump into high arena features, which could be placed at strategic spots to prevent dyzx from flying out of the arena or falling into a hole. When I was doing the dyzk-arena collision I initially planned to make the hit model for the dyzk a circle (just like in the dyzk-dyzk collision), but for simplicity I only implemented it as a diameter line running in the direction of the dyzk velocity. I knew very well the drawbacks of this approach – if the dyzk goes straight towards the fall and hits it front first then it works, but if it goes sideways the collision won’t occur and the dyzk would climb the wall instead (because the slope isn’t as steep when you take it under an angle) – that behaviour was not intended, it was a bug… Then it hit me that was actually a wall-ride trick, you could use it to get to otherwise unreachable places, or gain extra acceleration. Up until that point I thought of the arena as a dyzk container where the main attraction would be the battles, but it can be much more than that – it can easily become a skatepark, a place full of obstacles that brings out the best of action players and becomes a battleground for demonstration of skills other than mere brawling. Shortly after that the gameplay entered the third dimension. X and Y were sufficient when we only had a normal map to navigates us in the 4 directions, but now we needed Z so that we can catch air and fly around the map. After reworking the physics a bit and faking 3D visuals I got to the current state of the project.

Here’s a video:

There is still a whole lot more to do. I’ll be really happy once I manage to get online multiplayer working (but it will probably be some time before that happens).

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