More personal announcements

New job as a game programmer at West Coast Software LTD, doing top secret stuff :)

All personal projects that I have been working on before are suspended indefinitely and there won’t be any new releases, because… clear IP boundaries and such.

I will try to write more broad and general articles on development and design and will play a lot more games… and will maybe do game reviews ^_^. At least those are my plans regarding this blog thingy. There’s a really tiny chance I might try YouTube as well, but I know I’m too shy for that, plus, time constraints.

Unofficial Updates

It took quite a while but I finally got multiplayer networking working. The reason there is no official “Weaggles World War” update post yet is that although (most of) the functionality is there I still have GUI to design and implement… there are also a few new features.

Way back in October and November I also did some work on Winning Streak. The changes there have to do with scoring, the combo builder, physics, fireworks, character animation and IK… these probably make no sense when squashed together in the same sentence, but I’ll try to post a (first ever) detailed post on Winning Streak on this site. Last week or so I have been fixing some unfinished things I had left in WS… still a WIP. I want to eventually (and preferably soon) make another release, as the change log is growing bigger and bigger.

Last, but not least – this is just about to arrive by the post
ccnfvmkWith Occulus Rift CV1 coming out in a just week and Vive in two the hype is real. I won’t be able to invest into an expensive dev-kit but it occurred to me that Google Cardboard is a thing. I really like the idea that you can turn pretty much any mobile device into a VR kit just by adding lenses and strapping it to your face. I have quite a few VR game ideas I want to try eventually. Also I can imagine how cool WS could be with it – instead of watching the game through the TV (as it is now) players can actually be there on the bench as a part of the the audience enjoying it in its full glory.

EDIT: It looks amazing, unfortunately my phone has no gyroscope (DOH!)… so no head tracking.

EDIT 2: Since then I got a new phone(s) and a better cardboard, it’s awesome, head tracking still missing movement, but I can turn my head ^_^. Did so much VR, it deserves a separate post.