Normal Arena

Did creating of a normal map from a depth mask yesterday, which will be used by the game physics. It was quite a challenge to get it right in the first place and then to get to perform well in lua (here’s the relevant source bit). Just for the fun of it I made the top follow the normals and this is the fruit of all that effort:

It still takes about 1 to 5 seconds to process a 1024×1024 image, but at least I’m sure it does it in the most optimal way :)

It is sort of important to save CPU cycles when doing physics stuff because all of this will have to be handled by the server. Love2D allows saving of image data so once computed it could be stored for later. And if bad comes to worse this can always be implemented in C…

Next step will be getting this tested and integrated in the trunk (boring stuff) and making of a server and a client.

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